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New Tools for 2022

Gdavis Productions & Films partnered with AuthoraCare Collective to create a set of New Tools to be used to introduce palliative care, hospice and the stress of caregiving to communities of color.

(3) new episodes have been produced in a televised format. Although very entertaining these episodes shed light on how beneficial it can been to seek out palliative care and hospice at the correct time. If your organization or church group is interested in having representatives to come out and present to your group on the importance of understanding Palliative Care, Hospice or the Stress of Caregiving Contact

Garrett Davis, CEO/Founder

Gdavis Productions & Films


April Herring

AuthoraCare Collective 


Episode - Palliative Care

Renee is stuck in the middle of taking care of her father who has Alzheimer's and her mother who is battling cancer. Her best friend recommends Palliative Care to assist her and her family with their needs.

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Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances cover palliative care. Physical therapy or home health services can be received simultaneously with palliative care. Our program coordinator is available to answer any questions regarding cost concerns.

New Episodes Coming in May

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