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Garrett Davis is a multi-talented performer and health advocate who has dedicated his life to making a positive impact in his community. With a passion for both the performing arts and public health, Garrett has found a unique way to combine his two passions to bring about meaningful change.

Growing up, Garrett was involved in various theater and dance programs, where he discovered his love for performing. He went on to pursue a degree in theater arts at Fayetteville State University but it was during this time in college that he became interested in the field of public health. He was particularly drawn to the impact that poor health can have on communities and individuals, and he was inspired to use his talents to make a difference.

After graduating, Garrett worked at a variety of  radio stations and was also a regular in the entertainment field while public health, including community outreach, program development, and health education was still close to his heart. He quickly realized that traditional health education methods were not always effective in reaching underserved communities. He saw an opportunity to bring his experience in the performing arts to bear, and he began creating and performing pieces that aimed to educate and empower communities around important health topics. 


It all started with the Forget Me Not Project one of America's longest touring urban stage plays of the same name that toured around the United States raising the awareness of Alzheimer's disease that lead to him being named the Alzheimer's Association Advocate of the Year in 2012.

Garrett has since become a well-known performer and health advocate, and his impact has been felt across the country. Through his work, he has helped to raise awareness about important public health issues, such as preventable diseases, mental health, and access to care. He has also worked to build bridges between communities and healthcare providers, helping to reduce disparities in care and improve health outcomes for underserved populations.

Garrett's commitment to health advocacy through the performing arts has earned him numerous accolades, including recognition from leading health organizations, community groups, and the media. He continues to tour and perform, spreading his message of hope, education, and empowerment to audiences across the country with the Unforgettable Tour presented by the Alzheimer's Association.


Garrett is the CEO/Founder of Gdavis Productions and Films that has created, produced and nationally toured several theatrical productions including If Loving You is Wrong, The Lord Will Make a Way, Mama's Girls, Daddy's Boys, Forget Me Not, Sisters at Heart and Unforgettable just to name a few.


Garrett launched Gdavis TV in 2022 streaming on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV or any mobile device. Gdavis TV presents quality programming aimed at eliminating the health disparities gap in communities of color with their original Drama Series, Documentaries and Talk Shows. His latest venture is the birth of Gdavis Media Group including an all new internet radio station WeCare Radio and WeCare Magazine. 

Garrett is an inspiration to all who know him, and his work is proof that it is possible to make a difference in the world through the power of the arts. Whether he is on stage or in the community, Garrett remains dedicated to improving the health and well-being of those around him.

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