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The award winning stage play that raises the awareness of caregiving and diabetes. Founding sponsor AARP with Mama's Girls and The American Diabetes Association with Mama' s Girls 2 Sugar Ain't Sweet


The award winning stage play sponsored by the Prostate Health Education Network with a focus on raising the awareness of prostate cancer

Forget Me Not

The award winning stage play with a focus on how a family and community deals with Alzheimer's

Sister's At Heart Logo.png
Based on true events from the lives of Kimberly Ketter and Shaun Rivers and their journey living with congestive heart failure. Diagnosed at 40 now 10 years later they are living their life to the fullest.
Other Projects in the Works for 2022
Street Meds
A film based on the struggles of educating the African American community on the importance of understanding the vaccine

On the Yard
Project Designed to Raise the awareness and importance of HBCU's

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